Iftekhar Khaled

Student: Mastermind English Medium School

Hey there, this is Iftekhar Khaled. I am a lover of almost anything in the STEM field, mostly interested in Chemistry and Robotics and the world of Computer Science. I love to tinker with almost everything and try to come up with solutions to common problems that we as humans face on a daily basis, sometimes even by ”jerry-rigging”.

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

The entire country being a huge delta poses the problem that if one part of the water body in the country gets contaminated, then other rivers and water bodies of the country will be affected as well. Having a higher poverty rate and a severe income difference between social classes (mostly residing in rural areas where the reach of idea and technology is sluggish) alongside the fact that much of the river bodies are contaminated and the fact that many deep tube well regions are Arsenic Contaminated, the main water concern in the country is the availability of safe drinking water for the rural population.

This is what I think is one of the solutions for a sustainable future:

The solution has to be something which can be scalable so that it can be implemented on a mass scale as well as a lower one depending on the region and the respective demographic it has to be sustainable so that people can continue to use it and lastly it has to be affordable so that almost all of the population can consume it.