Junghong Huh

Student: Eton College

Hi, I am Junghong and am studying at Eton College in the UK. As I took my passion for learning overseas to the UK, I was able to gain the interdisciplinary perspective to understand the importance of sustainable means to development. Today, I have taken my creativity into research with real-world applications-my first project developed a soil remediation model for abandonned gas stations, making the current water-based project a natural continuation. 

At school, I am involved with the Environmental Society and the Social Impact Society, raising students’ awareness of critical social and global issues. I am also passionate about chess as well as outdoor activities, as a Cadet in the Combined Cadet Force. 

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

There are numerous rivers in the UK that pass through major cities, such as the River Thames. The rivers accumulate industrial wastes, heavy metals, and oil from vessels. Such water pollution causes detrimental harm to the river ecosystem, as well as potentially entering the drinking water supply.


Ania Andersch

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