Li Yu Tan Xiaolin

Student: Guangdong Experimental High school

  Nice to meet you.🙂 We are the students from China, Guangdong Experimental School. It is our honour to be one of the competitors in the Stockhome Junior Water Prize. President Xi Jinping once said:” Harmless nature means endless treasure.” With the rapid development of the economy, enviroment and natural resources are ignored in some area. We are sad to hear that 80 plasic bags were eaten by whale recently, the water is still polluted by human in some area and so on. We realize that we are not noly the students but also the citizens in the earth, we have responsibility to pay more attention to our enviroment and our earth.

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

Nowadays, China pay more attention to protecting the enviroment, especially water. But there are also some problems in water. Firstly, because of the geographical conditions, there is uneven distribution of water resources in China and western region is lack of water resources. Secondly, some conpanies put the polluted water in the river even the sea. Thirdly, with the rapid development of animal husbandry, if we don't deal with the animal manure well, it will cause water eutrophication. Last but not the least, in some poor region, people put the waste in the river without understand the importance of protecting the water.


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