Seunghyeon Kim

Student: University of Florida (Accepted)

Nice to meet you! I’m Seunghyeon Kim, and I’m a 19-year old student from South Korea.
I am an adventurer. Since young, I loved to go out to nearby forest or lake and enjoy the fresh breeze that the nature had offered me. These experiences in the wild fostered my love towards the nature.
My adventurous spirits, however, does not only pertain to outdoors activity. I love trying out new things. I just love that exhilaration I feel when I try out things that I’ve never had experienced before.This nature of mine actually led me to try something untraditional to solve the global water problem.. Rather than traditional scientific approach, I decided to tackle this matter more sociologically.

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

According to OECD, Korea's water scarcity are the highest among OECD countries. While the water scarcity problem in Korea worsens, the fact that most of the Korean citizens are not participating in water conservation concerns me. And this, I believe, is the biggest water concern in my country.

This is what I think is one of the solutions for a sustainable future:

I believe that low civic awareness towards water scarcity and ignorance of water-conserving habits are the reasons for low participation towards water conservation. If we can motivate people to take small actions to reduce water in everyday lives, it will be a big help in resolving our current water problems.


Ania Andersch

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