Zoe Gotthold

Student: Richland High School

I’m Zoe, and I really love penguins. Throughout high school, I’ve been studying oil spills to better protect them from the many dangers they face. My goal is to one day in the future work in either public health or solving the issues that face penguins, especially climate change.
I’m from Eastern Washington, a desert on the West coast of America. I recently graduated from high school, so next year, I’ll be attending MIT. Right now I’m thinking of studying chemistry so that I can better understand our world on a molecular level. I am so grateful for this opportunity and incredibly excited to meet everyone!

Tell us what the water concern in your country is!

While my country has many diverse water concerns, one threat in my area is nuclear pollution because of the Manhattan Project. Much of the leftover waste is stored underground, and there is fear that it could leech into the water supply and threaten the major rivers in my state.


Ania Andersch

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