2018 | Malaysia | Nishaanthini Mohan, Prevena Ramakrishnan

A Novel Way To Reduce Chlorine In Drinking Water By Using The Seed Of Trigonella Foenum Graecum, Cynodon Dactylon And Charcoal

Water issue adressed: Too much

Chlorine also can be harmful. Chlorine deals with bacteria by destroying it chemically, which is a trait it continues when it comes into contact with any organic material. When we bathe in chlorinated water, we are causing dry and brittle hair and flaky skin. If we get some into our eyes or lungs, they will become irritating. Chlorine is also capable of damaging plumbing fixtures and appliances, given time and strong enough concentrations.
This innovation was invented after conducting multiple science test on chlorine which causing cancer to thousands of lives in this world. The purpose of our invention is to prevent human from consuming excessive chlorinated water and dying from cancer.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

The Increase of cancer patient and people consuming chlorinated water

Chlorine free water with health benefit

These incidents have made me wonder why are cancer patients increasing in Malaysia. Patients are generally referred to oral cancer centres from general medical or dental practice, with typical signs and symptoms including white or red patches in the mouth, persistent sores, and bleeding. The main treatment modality is surgery, with or without post-operative radiotherapy. "If a patient is diagnosed with frank carcinoma, then it will be surgically removed, however small it is", says Zainal Ariff, a surgeon in the Faculty of Dentistry at University Malaya. "Patients diagnosed with precancerous oral lesions, such as white patches, will be followed up closely and, where appropriate, given advice on changing their diet and habits." Sadly, however, few patients are seen at such an early stage. More than seventy percent of cancer patients in the database had been diagnosed with Stage III and Stage IV disease, where the cancer has already spread at least to the lymph nodes. "About half the cases I see will be inoperable, and these patients' prognoses are very poor", says Ariff. Most of the patients diagnosed with early cancer are picked up through "watching and waiting" precancerous lesions. Over 90% of the cancers Ariff sees are squamous cell carcinoma, with the majority occurring in the cheek mucosa: this site is particularly closely associated with the habit of betel quid chewing, as this is the location in the mouth where the betel quid is stored. Cancer of the cheek mucosa is less common without betel quid as a risk factor. It is proven that my mother or my friend’s father are not alcoholic or using betel. Why Me myself couldn’t drink water which is unbearable with chlorine. So I and my friend did survey to some people regarding chlorinated water. Similarly, we use this technique to remove chlorine and also provide water with health benefit to the consumer. After a few researchers we got the best results that 1. Fenugreek is the seed of the Trigonella foenum graecum plant species most commonly used as a dried spice ingredient in East Indian cuisine. It has Health benefits: Improving digestion Relieving symptoms associated with menopause Stabilizing blood sugar Reduce body heat Remove Chlorine 2. The charcoal has carbon which absorbs the chlorine, making the water free from chlorine. This method removes chlorine almost completely and very fast. Compared to all the three methods, charcoal filtration is the best because it is fast and does not leave an unpleasant taste in the water. Most water filters at home use carbon as a base to purify water. 3. Cynodon Dactylon also commonly known as Bermuda Grass is a grass originated in the Middle East.BENEFITS:•Immediate remover of Chlorine •Recover damages quickly •Rich in calcium, phosphorous, protein and fibre •Good for the nervous system •Remove toxin from the body


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