2020 | China | Boaxin Zhang

A research on the basic formula development for marine environmental friendly sunscreen based on edible ingredients

Water issue adressed: Too dirty

The synthetic chemical components test of sunscreen, such as benzophenone, are harmful to marine environments. It has been proven that plant oils (olive, jojoba, carrot seed, aloe, avocado, grapeseed and coconut) have the characteristics of ultraviolet absorption. The oils were mixed with the commonly used physical sunscreen materials (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide powder) to develop a self-made sunscreen. It has been proven that the sunscreen produced can achieve satisfying sun screening effect and can serve as substitute sunscreen formula of the current chemical-based sunscreen to reduce the chemical additive pollution of the marine ecosystems.


Ania Andersch

Programme manager ania.andersch@siwi.org +46 8 121 360 59