2019 | Latvia | Ineta Gritane

Adsorption of Cd2+, Cu2+, Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions by Sphagnum Moss

Water issue adressed: Too dirty

I studied adsorption and kinetic of Cd2+, Cu2+, Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions by Sphagnum Moss. Sphagnum moss are well adopted to the enviroment. Sphagnum moss haven’t got rocts that’s why they adsorb metal ions in the air and water with the entire surface of the body. 
I did research if there is any relationship between these ions and which ions moss are adsorpted the most.
I came up to conclusions, it is possible to determine the air and water pollution by Sphagnum moss.
I studied pollution with these metal ions in 5 different places in Vilani and discovered where the most particular metal ions are.
According to my results it can be done preventive measurements for prevention of pollution in the future. The research can be repeated every 5 years. Results and changes will be compared and evluated. The moss purifies the water and cleans the air by absorbing the metal ions.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

Pollution doesn't leave a positive effect on living organisms. It's important to determine the level of pollution. At first we have to do research by what methods to do it the best. In this way I came up to the idea to study adsorption of Cd2+,Cu2+,Fe2+,Fe3+ ions by Sphagnum Moss.


Ania Andersch

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