2020 | Ukraine | Oleh Bielous

AI FRESH STATION” – Platform for Growing ECO-GREEN

Water issue adressed: Too little

AI Fresh Station (AIFS) – is an artificial intelligence home kitchen appliance that grows organic food all year round. It can save water, help keep soil clean and eliminate waste and CO2 emissions. AIFS is equipped by computer vision + neural system that can detect different types of plants diseases. The station also has software for monitoring the status of cultivation and receipt’s date of the crop. AIFS is modular and has individual growth control, which makes it possible to receive the crop not all at the same time, but according to a schedule. AIFS saves water because it irrigates certain plants with certain doses, this also makes it possible for an individual approach to each plant.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

It all started with the fact that two years ago I got acquainted with programming and microcontrollers, saw a video on YouTube about how automatic systems for caring for flowers are created, and then I worked on creating my autonomous smart pot for a whole year.