2020 | Ukraine | Oleh Bielous

AI FRESH STATION” – Platform for Growing ECO-GREEN

Water issue adressed: Too little

I have created Artificial Intelligence Fresh Station as a mass-market kitchen appliance. It was developed to grow crops indoors and supply enough veggie food for your daily consumption . It will save water, help keep soil clean and eliminate waste and CO2 emission. The station can deliver up to 32 different types of plants in 960 pots from just 1 sq.m. of your kitchen.  Most important, station strictly controls the water supply, in contrast to traditional methods of irrigation.

 That system is modular. A Starter Kit includes a tray for 10, 20 or 30 pots, lightweight frame, control board, water tank with a pump and necessary sensors.  Users can start with one Starter Kit and expand the number of pots with easy-to-add modules.

The applications for IOS and Android allow users to:

  • add plants and check its status in each pot
  • schedule harvest time
  • or even get tips on how to grow and what to cook of favorite greenery. 

 So, The system takes care of a plant. Users need just set a time when they want to get the first harvest.

At an early-stage AI Fresh Station is a perfect solution for:

  • People, interested in BIO food
  • Veggie food production for stores
  • Restaurants
  • For education purposes in schools and universities
  • Professional seed selection purposes


There are already indoor gardening systems in the market.

But my station has 3 main features :

  • Most advanced and expensive rival’s system has up to 30 pots per 1 device. But they are not modular and expandable. But my system is.
  • Also rival’s devices propagate all seeds at once. That means you will get 30 ready to eat plants in one day. Obviously, it’s not your plan for dinner unless you are intended to eat 30 portions of herbs.
  • AI Fresh station uses AI to automatically adopt growth methods to your specific conditions. And that is also a unique feature none of the rivals has.


AIFS is the most economical because here we use electronical sensors which allow to have water consumption control.

Finally, I want to tell you about my station, for growing 20 pots I need in average 2.24 liters per week to create ideal soil humidity, it is 9.6 liters per month, and 115.2 liters. And if we will use that station instead of manual watering we can save 55% of water, and of hydroponic systems we can save 896%. Just think about agriculture fields and how much water we can save using AI Fresh Station.

AI Fresh Station saves water and generates zero CO2 emission while growing crop. Also it prevents plastics waste generation. I hope that everyone’s understood that its not just kitchen device, it is real hi-tech which can start new trend of saving water.

Project video

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

It all started with the fact that two years ago I got acquainted with programming and microcontrollers, saw a video on YouTube about how automatic systems for caring for flowers are created, and then I worked on creating my autonomous smart pot for a whole year.