2019 | Sweden | Jonatan Persson

Evaporative desalination with industrial waste heat

Water issue adressed: Too little

One of the largest environmental problems we as a species face today is the ever growing water shortage. Today more than 2 billion people lack access to clean water so something has to be done. One of the ways humanity can fight this water shortage is to clean seawater, more commonly known as desalination. Currently the most used desalination method is Reverse Osmosis where water is pressed through a membrane that the salt cannot pass. Unfortunately these membranes are very costly. Additionally Reverse Osmosis has a high energy demand due to the high pressure required to force the water through the membranes. Two years ago I came up with a new desalination method that utilizes water’s evaporative properties combined with waste heat from industries. Industries uses 20% of all the water worldwide and in some regions, like Sweden, they use more than 60% of the freshwater. With my new desalination method it is considerably cheaper to clean seawater than buying tap water as it uses a waste resource, giving the industries a new economical incitament to become more self-sustaining in their water consumption. I have worked on this project for over two and a half years, founding my own company Helios Innovations with the goal of launching my first commercial product in 2020. I’m currently collaborating with the world leading metal powder manufacturer, Höganäs AB, building a full-scale pilot facility in Halmstad with a purifying capacity comparable to 250 people’s consumption. In parallel to the pilot-project my company has a pending patent application that is currently being processed. In this report i will also present my business plans and how my newly developed desalination method performs compared to conventional desalination methods.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

I have developed a new desalination method that utilizes the waste heat from industries to clean seawater. I got the idea when i was 16 by watching a documentary called The Sahara Forest Project After watching this documentary I came up with a new evaporative desalination method


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