2019 | Mexico | Ernesto Andres Orozco Grajales, Mario Isidoro Rodríguez Esposito,

Life Powder: Water flocculant and disinfectant powder

Water issue adressed: Too dirty
Andrés Orozco and Mario Rodriguez with the powder ingredients as background. Photo taken by Karla Rivera Cáceres.

The life powder is made for people with low resources and without drinking water. In Quintana Roo, 96,000 people live without water in their homes, a figure that increased compared to 2014 when the number was 87,600, according to the latest figures of Coneval 2016. Our product is a flocculant and disinfectant powder made of tamarind, moringa and acacia. Our goal was to create a powder based on natural products and easy access. We measure the disinfecting and flocculating power of the powder using cenote water. Our powder can disinfect gray water and it is very cheap. It can have a positive impact on rural communities by giving them the possibility of improving the quality of their local water.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

All started as a school project. First, we decided to make a powder to clean water but were not sure about the ingredients. It has been very exciting to find out that with things we find in our garden we can create something that can help millions of people.


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