2020 | Nigeria | Garuba Mustapha Ademola

Natural Water Purifier with GSM Monitoring System

Water issue adressed: Too much
2020 Nigerian Stockholm Junior Water Prize Winners

The use of chemicals in water treatment, which is a popular practice all over the world, contributes to climate change. For example, chlorine reacts to form tetra-halo-methane which are green house gases and carcinogenic. This project used common plants (Moringa olifera and Jatropha curcas), to treat various contaminated water and with GSM monitoring system we were able to evaluate the effectiveness of the pollution-control measures. With this technique, all the stations will operate in real time, and central station can access data from any of the above stations using GPRS/GSM or 3G cellular services. This work highlights the fact that our solution is in nature and this project if scaled-up, is capable of meeting the safe water needs of communities.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

As a team, we were curious to find nature based water treatment solution considering the fact that chlorine has adverse effect to the environment. We decided to do literature and laboratory studies to solve the problem


Ania Andersch

Programme manager ania.andersch@siwi.org +46 8 121 360 59