2020 | Spain | Marc Pérez, Manuel Martínez

Remote Sensing Applied to Precision Agriculture

Water issue adressed: Too much
Photograph made to the drone while it extracts data from the field

In Spain, agricultural activities are currently the ones that consume most water, around 70% together with livestock. Greenpeace considers that in the agricultural sector it is necessary to invest in crops that are not so water demanding. In addition, we need to stop and reduce the expansion of the irrigated area as well as increasingly opt for most efficient irrigation systems.

We are Manuel Martínez, Joan Viñallonga and Marc Pérez, second-year Baccalaureate students from the technological field and authors of the research project called Remote sensing applied to precision agriculture.

Our project focuses on reducing the exorbitant consumption of water thanks to a drone equipped with a multispectral camera that allows a thorough analysis and interpretation of the captured data. 

Unlike the professional companies in the sector, we give greater importance to the small farmer, who today lacks technological resources to carry out a good vegetative monitoring. 

In a near future, we want to promote a project that would consist of starting a cooperative to offer our non-profit services to everyone who contacts us, thus helping individually anyone who needs it.

Project video

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

Our project came up with the idea to help small farmers around our city to increase productivity and decrease the consumption of water. As we take the technological course we thought of using new technologies such as drones to accomplish our goals.