2020 | Laos |

“Treating Waste Water for Re-usage”

Water issue adressed: Too dirty

Last year, 2019, Laos was hit by one of the worst droughts in a decade. We thought of researching for a solution to save water and an idea we came up with was reusing the water from our household and using it for different purposes. One challenge in achieving this goal was that the water coming out of our household had a bad smell and was discoloured. We found out that water can be treated with natural ingredients such as Alum, Hydrated-lime and Charcoal. These ingredients help make the water colour more clear and remove the unwanted smell. This project will contribute to reducing the wastage of water. This cost-effective project can be our key solution to several water problems.


National organizer

Sirena Technologies Laos

Other Author

Anisa Philasouk Sittiphon Pathammavong


Ania Andersch

Programme manager ania.andersch@siwi.org +46 8 121 360 59