Treatment of Metal Containing Wastewater using Eco-friendly Alginate: Selective Recovery of Metal ions

Water issue adressed: Too dirty

Heavy metal pollution from wastewater poses a significant health risk. Conventional methods of heavy metal removal from wastewater use a coagulant to attract metal ions into sludge. The treatment is long, costly and results in large water loss, and is harmful to the environment. In this study, a novel metal filtration system for wastewater using alginate, an algae-derived polysaccharide which forms a hydrogel with metal ions and traps them in place, is introduced. Using the motion of electrophoresis, the metal cations are moved through a compartmentalized alginate liquid filter and is separated based on their affinity toward alginate, making recycling more viable. The practicality of this method is that the resulting material is more eco-friendly and less water and metal are disposed.


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Korea Water Forum

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Hyunseok Hong Jiung Nam


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