2020 | Bangladesh | Adittya Kumar Chowdhury, Iftekhar Khaled

Using naturally derived poly glutamic acid in association with Moringa oleifera seeds as a coagulant for treating water

Water issue adressed: Too dirty
Collection of water from Dhanmondi lake which is dirty but still people are taking bath in it

Bangladesh is currently undergoing some massive economic changes, and the river bodies are being affected by pollution. Unethical practices are not accounted and the rise in economic growth translates to more industries, which is good for the economy but bad for the water bodies.In the current system, in order to tackle such issues, people resort to many types of water purification measures. With about 63.37% of the total population living in rural areas and at a poverty rate of 24.3%, expensive purification means, like reverse osmosis, is not an option for them. We developed a method to carry out flocculation with Naturally produced poly-glutamic acid with Moringa olifera seeds, which are abundant in nature.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

The current methods of water purification were expensive and unsustainable. We dived deep into the basic characteristics of flocculation and developed a way to make a new flocculant with the catch being that it has to be made from natural and biodegradable materials while also being cheap and affordable.